Project C2

The influence of stroma-metastasis interaction on tumor evolution

Andreas Beyer, CECAD and U Cologne | web | email
Axel Hillmer, U Cologne | web | email

In this project, we will characterize adaptive processes of a tumor enabling its establishment as a metastasis and predict the seeding probability as a function of the cell’s mutations and the tumor environment. By single-nucleus RNA-sequencing, we will characterize the transcriptomic state of cancer cells, immune cells, and stromal cells of both the primary tumor and the metastasis. Using systems-scale computational modelling, we will infer adaptive responses of cancer cells to their environment and adaptive responses of stromal cells to the tumor.

Predictability in Evolution

Collaborative Research Center 1310


The impact of genomic variation on protein phosphorylation states and regulatory networks

Grossbach J., Gillet L., Clément-Ziza M., Schmalohr C.L., Schubert O.T., Schütter M., Mawer J.S.P, Barnes C., Bludau I., Weith M., Tessarz P., Graef M., Aebersold R., Beyer A., Molecular Systems Biology, 16. May 2022,