Project B5

Co-evolution of viruses and immune repertoires across scales

Aleksandra Walczak, École normale supérieure | web | email

The project studies evolutionary correlations between immune repertoires and viral antigens. It establishes principled models of immune response and, in collaboration with projects B1 and B3, predicts the evolutionary likelihood of specific B-cell responses to HIV. Related models of viral dynamics under multi-host immune challenge are developed in collaboration with project B2 and will be applied to human influenza.

Predictability in Evolution

Collaborative Research Center 1310


Method for identification of condition-associated public antigen receptor sequences

Pogorelyy M.V., Minervina A.A., Chudakov D.M., Mamedov I.Z., Lebedev Y.B., Mora T., Walczak A.M., eLife 2018;7:e33050, 13. May 2018,     

High-throughput immune repertoire analysis with IGoR

Marcou Q., Mora T., Walczak A.M., Nature Communications Volume 9:561, 8. February 2018,